How To Buy Curtains Online

Curtains are admired accessory to any window of the house like living room, dining room and bedroom windows. They are often matched with the interior of the room they are originating in. There are multiple purposes of the curtains like decoration, for privacy, conceal the light and protection from cool or hot weather. There are a lot of the factors to take into the consideration when deciding what curtains are right for the buyer. Plus what type of the fabric should prefer. Curtain rods are required to hang them up because curtains can’t stand on their own on windows. Hanging curtains need to take exact measurements. You can buy curtains online at eBay or from other reliable retailers which are dealing online in UK. Before purchasing curtains online you should consider factors like measurement, safety and cleaning, curtain header, lining, rods and most important fabric.

Take Measurements
Measure windows width and length before ordering curtains. You shouldn’t buy curtains like random purchase. Determine your need if the curtains will fall to the sill, below or above the sill. After deciding curtains will hang with rod or track, measure total length of the track or road. After measure additional 1 inch consider for overlapping of the curtains when they are closed.

Safety of Curtains
Fire resistant curtains are also available in the markets that look the same as other curtains. Fire resistant curtains help reduce and avert fire damages. Fire resistant curtains have extra level of comfort for family with extra safety features. These are durable and anti-noise.

Curtain Fabrics
Choose curtain colour carefully. You may match colour with interior of your house or you can contrast it. Curtain fabrics come in large variety with different colours and patterns. Every fabric has its own pros and cons. Choosing the right fabric can complete the decor for whole home. Each fabric is categorized by the weight and precision of the fabric.

Lining for Curtains
Wide selection of lining is also available online. Retailer who will provide curtains will also provide a variety of lining for curtains. Liners provide some benefits like improve outline or colour of the curtains. Liners can also help protect against weather. Lining may attach with the curtains or come separately.

Types of Curtains
There are different types of curtains you can choose according to your desire. Famous types include:

Heavy Weight
Heavyweight curtains like velvet, denim and tweed. They give best protection against noise, light and cold weather. Your room may look oppressive and they are best in cold weather. Heavyweight curtains can be central point of room due to a lot of texture.

Medium Weight
Medium weight curtains like cotton can be matched with any bedroom decor. This type of curtains provides sufficient protection against light, noise and cold weather.

Lightweight Curtains
Lightweight curtains maintain a level of privacy such as linen, silk and voiles. They provide little protection against noise and cold weather. With antique decor fabric like silk and voiles fit together. For more casual decor linen fabric is best.

Sheer curtains like lace and net, give the least protection against dust, noise and minimum privacy. But curtain in dark colour can help in protection. They can use in combination of heavy curtains.

How to Clean a Curtain
Before performing a cleaning process remove all metal fittings. Some curtains can be hand washed and other can be dry clean. Use a soft detergent with colour protector. Don’t squeeze tightly and rub to hand washable curtains. After rinsing carefully, lay out curtains to dry and iron on the reverse side using a breezy setting if required.

Choosing a best set of curtains for bedroom totally depends on individual preference. You must identify your need before selecting any type of curtains. If you are living in an area where you face storms you should select dust resistant curtains. But if you live in area where there is no dust you can choose sheer curtains. You should also consider some essential factors like safety, durability and ease of cleaning.