Vintage Bedrooms

Among the most unique design styles you can adopt for your bedroom is vintage. Vintage bedroom furniture helps you relive the retro lifestyle inside your most personal space. By choosing furniture that brings out the charm, allure and heart warming openness of vintage living, you’re able to recreate the enchanting vintage ambience inside your bedroom. Go all out and pick all your bedroom furniture in vintage style for a refreshing individual look. Or choose one signature vintage piece of furniture to serve as the backdrop for your style. Either way, you are assured of enjoying a distinct look because each vintage furniture item comes in a unique design. While it may be possible to find two similar vintage pieces, these are the exceptional. And even then, they’re likely to be far exceptional compared to any modern mass produced piece of furniture.

The variety of vintage bedroom furniture available in the UK is quite diverse. And with the catalogue regularly updated, you’ll get new items every time you pop in for a look. A vintage dresser is an item of great beauty and will look regal in the bedroom. Even when it’s the only vintage item in the bedroom, a vintage chest of drawers makes a loud style statement, whether enveloped by a contemporary design theme or a more traditional one. A vintage headboard is all you need to create a high impact focal point in the bedroom. It goes well with all types of beds and will complement any decor style. Complementary vintage pieces you can throw in to complete the look are nightstands, a mirror, armoire and bedside table.